Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Kit for July - Flip Flop Sun-Catchers - Step by Step

Things do not get very messy this month :-)  It is handy to place a piece of paper under your flip flops, preferably white as this shows up the colours more.  Think about your design and start colouring.  The pens are free-flowing and washable.

Keep colouring until you have filled all the clear areas - it is very easy as the ridges in the plastic act as guidelines.

Once your flip flops are completely coloured, wait a while and attach your silver hanging cord.

Once dry hang in your window and enjoy - remember you want to look at the reverse of your flip flop - the colours are more effective and streak free from the reverse.

Kit for July - Flip Flop Sun-Catchers

As we definitely seem to be having flip-flop weather I thought it would be fun to make some flip-flop sun-catchers!  Your kit will contain a 'pair of flip-flops' - designs will vary, silver cord to hang your finished items, three Giotto Decor pens (these are multi-surface markers, absolutely brilliant as you can use them on plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, stones and more) and a surprise gift for your craft box.  Let's hope the sun continues and your flip flops catch all those rays! To order your kit please email busy.beads@blueyonder.co.uk  Happy crafting everyone  :-) 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Kit for June - Mini Chest of Drawers - Step by Step

Cover your work area with some paper. Squeeze a small amount of the paint onto a palette or old saucer. When painting porous surfaces you can add a little drop of water to the paint to thin it slightly.

I've gone for a very simple black and white theme. The key to acrylic paint is to allow each colour to dry before painting on another.

You can be as creative as you like with any pattern.  Allow your finished item to dry overnight - if you want to varnish it then any transparent water based varnish is fine.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Kit for June - Mini Chest of Drawers

This month I thought it would be fun to dabble with some acrylic paints.  So your kit for June will contain: four tubes of quality acrylic paint (colours will vary), a cute mini chest of wooden drawers, full project sheet with instructions and a surprise gift for your craft box.  The mini drawers are perfect to keep all those little bits and bobs, you know the odd piece of Lego, buttons etc or you could even make it a keepsake or a gift for someone.  Visit again soon for step-by-step photos.  To order your kit please email busy.beads@blueyonder.co.uk  Happy crafting everyone :-)

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Kit for May - Mosaic - Step by Step

Apply the sticky tape liner onto the screened wooden mat.

Peel off the white tape liner and attach the mosaic tiles according to the picture. Leave a tiny bit of space between each tile – approx 1-2mm.

After applying all the tiles, mix the packet of grouting powder with water at the ratio of 2:1 (grout:water).  Apply the mixed grout in the spaces between the tiles – I use an old teaspoon. Wait approx 45 minutes for it to dry off.
Remove any excess grout with a damp sponge – wipe in a circular motion gently until the tiles look shiny and clean.

And here it is finished along with some I made earlier! :-)

Kit for May - Mosaic

I'm delighted to post details of the kit for May - we're going to pieces! Actually it's mosaic. Apparently the earliest mosaics were made around 3000BC - then the Egyptians took a fancy to it as well as the Romans. Now it is very popular in Spain and certainly taking off here. So keeping up with all those historians.... you and your little one will be able to make a gorgeous colourful mosaic coaster (it can also be displayed as a little picture too).

Your kit consists of:

- Screened wooden mat
- Peel off tape liner
- Guide picture
- Mini mosaic tiles (please note these are not glass but rigid plastic)
- Grouting powder
- Full project sheet with instructions
- Strip of 'handmade by' stickers
- Surprise gift! (Each month you will receive a lovely useful item towards your craft box)

Designs will vary so please specify boy or girl when emailing busy.beads@blueyonder.co.uk

Come back and visit as step by step pictures will also be posted very soon.

Have fun! Christine :-)

Monday, 19 April 2010


As promised, I am at last putting together my blog and monthly mail order craft club - Mum and Little One! Please visit and watch this space for crafting ideas for you and your little one to do together. First offer and class coming very soon. Please email for details - busy.beads@blueyonder.co.uk
Christine :-)